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Yvette Phillip

Author, CEO & Founder of PadyMart

Author Yvette Phillips was born on the island of Jamaica and then emigrated to the USA, where she studied Business Management at Monroe College.  She worked in the communications field before she started writing. Ms. Phillips is the author of the five-star fairy tale story titled, "The Tale of Princess Alicia."  The book is a fun and suspenseful story that shows how brave a little girl can be. Yvette is also the proud owner and CEO of her online business,, where she sells trendy children's clothing, educational books and more.  In addition to owning her own business, she works as a school teacher educating our youth. She currently resides in NY with her husband, Ivan, and her adorable son, Matthew. Learn more at


Melissa Sue John PH.D

Founder & CEO of Lauren Simone Publishing House

Educator, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Melissa is the Chief Executive Operator and Blogger of Lauren Simone Publishing House

The mission of Lauren Simone Publishing House is to publish the works of diverse authors and illustrators, thereby creating literature for all to enjoy. Currently, she teaches at Eastern Connecticut State University and works as a Research Associate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 


Melanie Aiken

Founder & CEO of The Elite Nurse, LLC

Melanie has been a nurse for almost 20 years. She has worked in various areas of the medical field neuro, ortho, cardiac, ER, travel to name a few.  She currently works as a nurse case manager.  She received her BSN at Pace University in New York and her Masters in nursing at Walden University. She is an avid lover of fashion and travel. Her vision is to Mentor, Inspire, Network and Empower (M.I.N.E) nurses and aspiring nurses in the medical field to create work life balance. She also would like to highlight her love of fashion and travel in her platform. She will be launching a  line of shirts that embodies her brand. More to come!  We hope that you will join her along the journey. Visit



Imani Ariana Grant

Founder and President of Love of Literature, INC

Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur

Imani Ariana is 11-year-old. She is the author of Disco Balls of the Universe. Her book teaches children about the 8 planets of the solar system from a child's perspective. Imani's second book was released April 1st 2019. Her new book entitled, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower, teaches children about plant reproduction and growth. Imani started the Love of

Literature (LOL) Book Club in 2019 to help children explore fun through literature. Imani is also the proud owner of an online children's boutique called MAGITOTS. She enjoys writing poems, swimming, figure skating, dancing, playing the violin & the flute, basketball and with her friends. She loves to explore new thing and meet new friends. Her favorite subject is science. 


Shaneika Burchell-Kerr

Founder & CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur, LLC

Business Coach & E-commerce Specialist

Shaneika Burchell-Kerr is the founder and CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur (BTE Academy). As a business coach, her goal is to develop and empower Entrepreneurs by providing them with the simplest, most effective and efficient tools and resources 

to start and grow successful online businesses. Her main focus is on e-commerce, social media, email marketing and automation. Shaneika also started the BOSS Breakthrough Community to unite, build and empower bosses. Learn more and join for free.